Welcome to vPilotshub!shub!

vPilotshub is a unique platform that brings together numerous virtual airlines under one roof. Born from the passion of a group of friends, vPilotshub offers virtual flight enthusiasts an engaging and dynamic experience.

Join us and discover a world of possibilities

With vPilotshub, you have access to a vast schedule of real airlines, allowing you to plan and live your virtual pilot career like never before. Thanks to a single account and a unified ACARS system, you can manage all your flight activities with ease.

Virtual Career and Virtual Cash

Your adventure on vPilotshub is based on a virtual career full of opportunities. It’s not just about earning points or bonuses, but accumulating Virtual Cash, the platform’s virtual currency. With Virtual Cash, you can access the internal market and purchase type ratings necessary to unlock and fly higher category aircraft, making your experience ever more exciting.

Community and Events

vPilotshub is also a vibrant and active community. Join our Discord group to connect with other virtual pilots, participate in interesting discussions, and take part in regularly organized group events.

Prestigious Collaborations

We are proud to be the official ACARS of Ita Airways Virtual and Aeroitalia Virtual, two of the most prestigious virtual airlines.

Live your passion for flight with vPilotshub

Join our community and turn your passion for flight into an extraordinary virtual career. With vPilotshub, the sky is no longer the limit, but just the beginning.

ACARS Data Update

Dear Pilots,
We are pleased to announce that following significant updates to our platform, it is necessary to update your ACARS data. Please change your phpVMS URL to the new address::
You will also be required to re-enter the API Key.